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Eugenics Policies in 20th Century America
  1. Compulsory sterilization

By Pete Shanks Stem Cells.

  • An Act to Provide Compensation to the Persons Sterilized Through the State's Eugenic Sterilization.
  • Sterilized by the State: Eugenics, Race, and the Population Scare in 20th Century North America;
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What Now? By Emily Galpern Aggregated News. Rosie never came home.

Compulsory sterilization

She died during the operation. Disability Rights.

Human Rights. Related Articles.


Hospitals, asylums, and other places where sterilizations were performed have so far typically chosen not to document that aspect of their history. This site provides such an overview.

source site A short bibliography is also provided. For those states for which detailed monograph-length studies are availabe, it merely summarizes existing scholarship, but for other states for which such information is not readily available, it establishes the core parameters within which a state's eugenic sterilizations were carried out. As part of this research the current state of the facilities where sterilizations occurred or that served as feeder institutions is addressed.

Women Are Being Sterilized In American Prisons

In Nazi Germany, during the peak years of sterilization between and , approximately sterilizations occurred per year per , residents. Contributions to this project were made by sophomore honors students at the University of Vermont as part of an Honors College course on Disability as Deviance. These students wrote up the primary accounts, which were then edited and amended by Lutz Kaelber, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Vermont, who is solely responsible for its contents and any errors or omissions.

  • Forced sterilization programs in California once harmed thousands – particularly Latinas!
  • Sterilized by the state!
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