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Zahi Hawass. Foto difundida hoy por la agencia AP que muestra el estado en que ha quedado una momia. Las momias arden bien.

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Eso se sabe perfectamente. Los ladrones de tumbas las usaban a trozos como antorchas para iluminar sus correrias. Ser momia nunca ha sido un chollo en Egipto. Lo impensable: el museo atacado, vitrinas rotas, objetos fundamentales de nuestro patrimonio, el patrimonio de toda la humanidad, por los suelos: modelos de barcos, ushebtis, estatuillas No consta que los tesoros de Tutankamon, la gran riqueza de historia, conocimiento y belleza que custodia el museo hayan sido afectados. Horus proteja a la mascara dorada, los sarcofagos, las hermosas diosecillas custodias, los canopos!

Lo impensable: Hawass sentado frente a la puerta, desbordado, protegiendo a cuerpo el museo. Recuerda Bagdad. Y las momias observan aterradas como la muerte las ronda por segunda vez. Map of Areas of Looting in Egyptian Museum.

Tesoros del judaísmo

This map is based off of Al Jazeera footage. We will keep you updated as we learn more. Copyright Ancient Egypt Online.


Convicts were forced to leave the mummies behind when they broke into pieces as they carried the ancient artifacts towards the museum doors. The Egyptian military was deployed to key cultural sites on Saturday after a day of anti-government riots around the country. Associated Press 29 January By Dr. On Friday, January 28, , when the protest marches began in Cairo, I heard that a curfew had been issued that started at 6. Unfortunately, on that day the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, was not well guarded.

About a thousand people began to jump over the wall on the eastern side of the museum into the courtyard. On the western side of the museum, we recently finished something I was very proud of, a beautiful gift shop, restaurant and cafeteria. The people entered the gift shop and stole all the jewellery and escaped; they thought the shop was the museum, thank God! However, ten people entered the museum when they found the fire exit stairs located at the back of it.

As every one knows, the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, is naturally lit and due to the architectural style of it, there are glass windows on its roof. The criminals broke the glass windows and used ropes to get inside, there is a distance of four metres from the ceiling to the ground of the museum. The ten people broke in when I was at home and, although I desperately wanted to go to the museum, I could not leave my house due to the curfew. In the morning, as soon as I woke up, I went directly there. When I arrived, I found out that, the night before, three tourist police officers had stayed there overnight because they were not able to get out before the curfew was put in place.

These officers, and many young Egyptians who were also there, helped to stop more people from entering the museum. Thankfully, at I found out that one criminal was still at the museum, too. When he had asked the people guarding the museum for water, they took his hands and tied him to the door that lead to the gift shop so that he could not escape!

Luckily, the criminals who stole the jewellery from the gift shop did not know where the jewellery inside the museum is kept. They went into the Late Period gallery but, when they found no gold, they broke thirteen vitrines and threw the antiquities on the floor.

Then the criminals went to the King Tutankhamun galleries. Thank God they opened only one case! The criminals found a statue of the king on a panther, broke it, and threw it on the floor. I am very thankful that all of the antiquities that were damaged in the museum can be restored, and the tourist police caught all of the criminals that broke into it. On Saturday, the army secured the museum again and guarded it from all sides. I left the museum at 3. What is really beautiful is that not all Egyptians were involved in the looting of the museum.

A very small number of people tried to break, steal and rob. Sadly, one criminal voice is louder than one hundred voices of peace. The Egyptian people are calling for freedom, not destruction. When I left the museum on Saturday, I was met outside by many Egyptians, who asked if the museum was safe and what they could do to help. The people were happy to see an Egyptian official leave his home and come to Tahrir Square without fear; they loved that I came to the museum. The curfew started again on Saturday afternoon at 4. The magazines and stores of Abusir were opened, and I could not find anyone to protect the antiquities at the site.

At this time I still do not know what has happened at Saqqara, but I expect to hear from the inspectors there soon. East of Qantara in the Sinai, we have a large store containing antiquities from the Port Said Museum. Sadly, a large group, armed with guns and a truck, entered the store, opened the boxes in the magazine and took the precious objects. Luckily, the foresighted employees of the Royal Jewellery Museum moved all of the objects into the basement, and sealed it before leaving. My heart is broken and my blood is boiling. I feel that everything I have done in the last nine years has been destroyed in one day, but all the inspectors, young archaeologists, and administrators, are calling me from sites and museums all over Egypt to tell me that they will give their life to protect our antiquities.

Many young Egyptians are in the streets trying to stop the criminals. Due to the circumstances, this behaviour is not surprising; criminals and people without a conscience will rob their own country. If the lights went off in New York City, or London, even if only for an hour, criminal behaviour will occur. I am very proud that Egyptians want to stop these criminals to protect Egypt and its heritage.

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At this time, the Internet has not been restored in Egypt. I had to fax this statement to my colleagues in Italy for it to be uploaded in London on my website. Sus tumbas de visires, sacerdotes y ayudantes de faraones son famosos por sus exquisitos relieves policromados. Y los 24 museos que hay en Egipto. Pero hay mucho trabajo y estoy solo. Ya la misma madrugada del viernes grupos de ciudadanos hicieron cadenas humanas alrededor del museo para protegerlo del pillaje. Con doce millones de visitas anuales, el turismo emplea de forma directa a cuatro millones de egipcios y supone alrededor del diez por ciento del producto interior bruto.

En el , los ingresos del sector fueron de Reports in the news this morning are that pyramids at Saqqara and storage magazines at Abusir have been broken into. Both Abusir and Saqqara are reported to have suffered a lot of damage there are many large gangs digging throughout the night and day. Kamal and Mohammad Megahed and others have been bravely checking Saqqara and Abusir today.

Indeed, Abusir and Saqqara are reported to have suffered great damage. Only the Imhotep Museum and the adjacent central magazines are currently protected by the military. Only Imhotep Museum and adjacent central magazines protected by the military. In Abusir all tombs opened. Egyptian looters who may be encouraged by outside Egypt entities may try to use the general confusion to get things out of the country.

Other bad news: prisons in Qena and Armant next to Luxor have been emptied, so people fear major looting will occur in that region. Reports still abound for major looting in the Alexandria Museum—but those reports are hard to confirm.


English translation of 'tesoro escondido'

The violence has been worse in Alexandria, and there have been few police reports there. Looters allegedly have gone into tombs that had been sealed and destroyed much of the tombs and took artifacts. According to Megahed, storage facilities in South Saqqara, just south of Cairo has also been looted. He did mention it was hard to ascertain what, and how much, was taken.

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  4. Una vitrina de las salas del primer piso donde se exhibe el contenido de la famosa tumba del joven rey fue abierta a golpes y su contenido roto y arrojado al suelo. Un conjunto de tropas de madera pintada de lanceros egipcios fue atacado y varias figuras acabaron en el suelo. Seller Inventory AAS More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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