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During this acquisition phase they moved their offices from Marin County to San Francisco. They successfully acquired three exchanges and by the time they sold the exchange in , they had increased membership from to clients. In the course of her tenure she has earned the Paul St. She continues to attend conventions in the United States and Europe and continued her partnership, both professional and personal, with David Wallach until his death in By the early s the franchiser group began to falter so Perry took Barter Systems, Inc.

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At that time there were few trade exchanges and most were located on the West Coast. Nevertheless, Perry managed to grow his business through the adversity. In he was the first trade exchange owner to become an organizer of the International Association of Trade Exchanges which later became the International Reciprocal Trade Association. He was elected to the original Board of Directors and became Finance Chairman. In those days the barter industry was besieged by tax authorities whose plans called for auditing every business who bartered.

Thus a handful of exchanges, most of them only a couple of years old, had to confront the Federal government with its immense legal resources behind it.

The barter industry might well have been extinguished but Perry was an energetic leader in rallying resistance by the exchanges. He raised the cash that supported appeals to the Federal appellate courts in Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Being located in Washington where the Board of Directors had to come frequently to lobby Congress and enter into negotiations with IRS, someone had to provide accommodations, meeting rooms, and meals on trade for numerous meetings spanning two tumultuous years, and that duty fell to Barter Systems of Washington, DC.

During the last ten years Perry has served two additional terms on the Board, worked with the committee responsible for rewriting the CTB exam, he also has served on and led numerous panels at IRTA conventions. He has also been serving for many years on the UC Committee. Perry is a clear thinker and a straight talker, a friend to everyone in barter, a man who keeps his word and gets things done. Martin Distinguished Service Award. Always willing to share his expertise with others in the industry, Scott has led numerous Seminars and Discussion Groups during industry Conventions.

He presently serves as the very active and effective Chairperson of the Universal Currency Committee. Scott graduated from Georgia Tech in where he attended on a football scholarship and received his BA in Industrial Management. He is a dedicated husband and father and is active in local affairs and charities. From to , Mr. In , Mr. Today, IMS is one of the largest full-service, membership-based trading networks in the United States currently serving 50 markets.

But when Beatle-mania hit, the accordion became obsolete. Mardak nimbly transitioned, teaching himself the electronic organ. He began selling organs, and then wrote the first easy-to-play method. Suddenly, huge manufacturers like Hammond and Baldwin were clamoring for it and he found himself in the music publishing business. He and his brother convinced Hal Leonard Publishing—now the largest U.

While his brother would stay on to become CEO, Mardak left four years later to open an organ store. But history repeated itself in the s, as organs were edged out by computerized keyboards. So, in his first barter transaction, Mardak traded the retail store for real estate and used his investment to launch his barter career. His business model: go door-to-door signing up local businesses, exchanging merchandise for trade certificates.

Read e-book Common Sense Barter: How To Lower Your Business Cost Using Retail Barter

His office: the trunk of his car. His showroom: the family garage.

Initially, the business was small. But in , they made their first acquisition, a small trade association in Green Bay. Businesses exchange their products or services at full value, but generally with significantly lower variable costs. This results in increased profitability. Barter is particularly beneficial to businesses with excess goods or services, especially if those products are perishable.

When selecting an exchange, contact an industry trade association such as the International Reciprocal Trade Association for a list of member groups.

What Is Barter?

Then, do some digging:. The most fruitful bartering partnerships typically start with an organized plan. Veteran barterers are likely to make a list of products they need but are unable or unwilling to purchase with cash. They also will identify possible trading partners. These may include business associates, existing customers and members of local exchanges. Once the lists are in place, they will:. While bartering can be a boon for companies on tight operational budgets, problems may arise. Here are some words of caution:.

By observing a few rules, doing some homework and applying a good measure of common sense, most businesses can reap the rewards of bartering. A better cash flow, new business, and a fresh marketing path are within easy grasp. Benefits of Bartering A barter arrangement's most obvious value is insignificant cash savings, as well as reduced financial paperwork -- but there's more.

In fact, entrepreneurs should treat barter revenue like any of their other business activities, making sure to: Keep good records. Specify the retail value of products being exchanged. Work with a good barter exchange. Consult a tax professional, if necessary. Complete Form B if a barter exchange member.

Barter Exchanges A barter exchange is an organization that facilitates trade between group members. They also give unprecedented exposure to potential new customers through: Listings in online and other directories Member recognition through barter newsletters, catalogs, and product expositions Fellow network-member referrals A modern business-to-business barter exchange eliminates the one-to-one limitations by making multi-party trading possible. Then, do some digging: Contact colleagues and clients for references and check with the Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce for satisfaction ratings or complaints.

How does barter work with a trade exchange?

Make sure an exchange offers products or services that fit your needs. And when proper procedures are followed, your trade dollars are guaranteed - even when a member goes bankrupt.

What is Barter of America. Barter of America. Barter of America offers a global marketplace for businesses to trade a wide variety of products and services. Barter of America is transforming and popularizing business barter, by making barter a practical business tool. Barter of America members work with local trade brokers to facilitate trading, and gain access to our global network of trading participants. What is Barter of America's strategy? Barter of America is already advancing its strategy of building a global barter exchange.

Our technology-driven trading system is designed to improve the efficiency of what is currently a cumbersome, paper-driven commercial market hampered by currency exchange issues and the challenge to monetize assets which are taken in exchange.