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VeroniKah was with Agora Gallery for over 3 years, participated in multiple group exhibitions and had a solo show entitled Metamorphosis: VeroniKah, in We recently followed up with her to inquire about the current endeavors, congratulate her on several upcoming solo exhibitions, and ask how her career has evolved since Agora Gallery. As a child, I always needed to express myself in an artistic way. I danced ballet for 15 years, wrote poetry, and took pleasure in drawing.

My parents, however, were not convinced that I could make a living being an artist and so I studied Marketing at Montreal University and graduated in At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and used my art in secret to escape the life I was forced to endure. In I was hospitalized at 82 pounds and had to quit working to take care of myself. I had no choice but to be myself or else I would die. So I started painting at the hospital to heal my soul. I never stopped painting from that day and keep creating day after day.

Today at 52 years old, painting is as essential as breathing. My art is my life, my story, my journey, and sharing it with others makes it even more important. I found Agora Gallery while surfing the web. I was looking for a prestigious gallery in New York and Agora was at the top of my search. I sent my CV and some pictures of my artwork to the gallery hoping to be accepted.

I was so happy and proud when I received the message that I would be part of a group exhibition in Before I was accepted at Agora Gallery I participated in group exhibitions in Quebec, Canada, and was very disappointed.

2. Ann Rea

More often than not they were telling me NOT to paint a certain way because they already represented artists creating in similar styles. As an artist, I wanted to experiment with all kinds of styles and mediums and did not want to be told what to do. Angela encouraged me to persevere and try new techniques and styles.

She was there as a friend and mentor, as well as an art coach. I could write or call her anytime and she would get back to me quickly to answer my question and help me grow as an artist. Eventually, I decided to focus on the Quebec market, and Angela — even though I was no longer represented by the gallery — continued to follow and help me. She is, to this day, the only person that cared for me and believed that I would make it as a full-time artist which I did in Being able to make a living off selling artwork is a huge challenge, but Angela knew that I am a very hard worker and my perseverance would pay off.

Becoming a professional artist was not a dream, it was reality in the making. Stay in touch with us! After my solo exhibition in , my success skyrocketed. Through Sunday. A group show considers the viscera of which we are made — but which also nourish. The show touches on the consumption of animal offal which can bring with it judgments about socioeconomic status and offers depictions of the the guts quite literally that make us human.

This collection of 80 masks depicts Guatemalan historical and cultural figures, as well as sprightly animals and popular deities — all connected with a range of folkloric festivals and events that are also chronicled in the show. Young Drive N. This project, devoted to contemporary art made in and about Vietnam, takes several forms, including an exhibition, a program series and a related website. It also marks a new series of collaborations between the Mistake Room and art spaces in that country.

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The gallery has a trio of exhibitions on view. Colson takes elements of modern life and renders them in absurd ways — a painted taxonomy of pillows, for example. Feng produces paintings that fuse the figurative and abstract to tackle the psychological states of women. Bergamot Station, Michigan Ave. B-3, Santa Monica, craigkrullgallery. It has been the year of Bauhaus — marking the th anniversary of the globally influential art and design school that occupied locations in Berlin, Weimar and Dessau and then famously closed under pressure by the Nazis. The gallery has two solo shows on view.

The first is an exhibition of recent work by Geerk, a German painter known for bringing a disquieting intensity to portraiture, landscape and still lifes. This time around he is focusing on domestic scenes. Also on view are paintings by Rapone, who is based in Chicago, and creates portraits that channel the emotions that result from overexposure: humiliation, vulnerability and self-doubt. For almost four decades, the senior class at Gardena High School would come together to gift a work of art to their school — including pieces by notable California painters such as Edgar Payne and Maynard Dixon.

Now that collection, which includes more than 70 paintings and an extensive archive of related material, is on view at the Hilbert — the most expansive display of the collection since the s. Atchison St.

In his first exhibition with the gallery, the New York artist is presenting a series of portraits inspired by collage: curious, cobbled-together figures that are composed of fragments of photos and advertising, but which Quinn renders painstakingly by hand. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, gagosian. Employing only graphite pencil and Bristol paper, Beltz produces elaborate patterned drawings that also dwell on the cosmic. This new series is all about the lunar. La Cienega Blvd. Stanczak was a pioneer of Op -Art a reference to optical illusions , creating paintings that employ pattern and gradations of color to create subtle plays on light.

This exhibition gathers work produced by the artist during an eight-year period in the s.

Student resources – Student Resource | Tate

Highland Ave. A group show features work by artists working in numerous modes of abstraction. His massive wall hangings are inspired by Zimbabwean textiles but his materials are drawn from the ravages of modern waste. In a large new solo exhibition, the Baltimore-based artist explores environmental calamity in the form of elegiac, black-and-white paintings. The Los Angeles artist, known for her ribald depictions of middle-aged men and babies and baby men wreaking all manner of havoc bodily and otherwise , is presenting a new series of paintings and videos.

9 Great Artist Websites

As the title implies, the show also examines the fraught nature of mothering. Edgewood Place, Mid-Wilshire, davidkordanskygallery. Blake uses gender-neutral pronouns. This exhibition features some of these artistic ensembles, aspects of which evoke the body and nod playfully to BDSM.

Orange Grove Ave. If you are looking for a kid-friendly exhibition that also offers lessons about folk traditions, this is it.

9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist

In this interactive display, participants don masks that allow digital technology to render them as figures from Japanese folklore on a large screen. These are inspired by tales from the northern region of Tohoku, such as the story of Namahage, a deity that frightens misbehaving children, or Shishi-Odori, a dance in which participants mimic beasts as part of beckoning a good harvest.

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The show also features paper and 3-D printed masks inspired by these legends. Mask-making workshops for kids will be held throughout the run of the show. It might be easy to think that television programming screened in the former Soviet bloc would have been an endless stream of propaganda. But reality was more complicated. Residents in border areas often received Western TV signals, complicating the picture of Soviet politics.

And in the latter years under communist rule, TV networks introduced advertising — a capitalist conceit that was molded to socialist need. This exhibition looks at the television panorama in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. Robin F.

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  6. The New York artist takes tropes of femininity and picks them apart on canvas, reimagining the sensual poses of advertising and imagining the physical embodiments of virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa. When J. Paul Getty built a museum on his Malibu property in the late s, he chose to model it after the Villa dei Papiri in southern Italy, the luxurious Roman estate from AD 79 uncovered in This exhibition presents some of the most spectacular archeological finds from the site — including bronzes, marble statuary and objects from the library of papyrus scrolls that give the villa its name.

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