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Here are just a few that have caught our eye:. Smith, Respiratory Therapist, 12 years. One heart. UT Southwestern. Administrative Assistant, 2. Hands held. Hope given. Help us to fulfil our mission of accelerating learning for all. View any open positions on our Careers page.

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Pieces are words of content about roofing, vacuums, custom home building, carpet cleaning, etc.

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They will often assign two or more identical pieces, but each piece will be for a different client - and they expect you to write the pieces differently every time. Fee is for up to 2, words. Contract issued after publication was work for hire. Story fee ranges but depends on scope. It's best if you know something about the topic at hand. Both digital and print. The website was recently overhauled and new editors brought in.

Perhaps they pay differently according to section? Quick-hit stories for MensHealth.

Brand new bite-sized fiction every weekday!

Mostly web-sourced with some reporting mixed in. Reported with several sources. The market for freelance journalists in Southern Maine is abysmal. Reuters pays whatever it wants. This was for digital, print and on-air work for a cable network. Everything from show descriptions to tagline exploration to scripting commercials.

This was the rate for intermittent projects. A buck a word has been the ongoing rate in the specialty magazine world for going on years now. Current editor asks for rewrites. Piece can included one to three interviewed people. You are not allowed to cross-post anywhere, including on your own site. Web-sourced; however, a "What's in Your I was working from out of the U. Contract requires selling all rights. There was two revisions.

I will say they were quite timely in their payment.

March 75-word story!

The check arrived the day after I submitted my invoice. She usually likes the pieces to run , words and have at least one quote. Also should note, they are terrible about paying you. The checks come but often months after the invoice and piece has been submitted. There has also been two incidents where I've had to re-submit my invoice for some unknown reason.

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Any kind of content. Maximum 12 hours. Each article involved interviewing between sources. Appeared online at MarketWatch. Online versions are around 2, words, while print versions were about 1, words.

Listening while reading promotes word learning from stories - ScienceDirect

It required plenty of quotes from different sources. The photographs were taken by a professional. They purchased first global rights but the contract included a 1-month exclusivity period in which I could not re-sell the article. I didn't think one month was that big a deal when I submitted the contract, but lord was I wrong.

Through the NYT syndicate, the article was re-sold practically everywhere in that time. I wrote for Shmoop's "Careers" section. Avoid this place like the plague. It has this California "feel-good" veneer but it is actually a sweatshop in the sunshine.

see Have the latest freelancer news, resources, and insights delivered weekly to your inbox. All contact with the client was positive. When they started the site last year they promised to pay their writers. Thoughtful editing includes copy editing and fact-checking. I contracted with them to do a series of blog posts on ecommerce and marketing topics through a freelancer platform.

When assigned a story, I always ask for more -- as a personal rule. Rate was for writing and photography. Extremely slow response times, poor edit experience. I appreciate getting paid for the work, but I wish it was a higher rate for the amount of reporting and work. I didn't know anything about the publishing process for this site, and wasn't given any notice of when my article was eventually published.

I often write for the Guardian but had never written for this section. Low pay for personal essays but the editors at the publication are a delight to work with. I'm relatively new to freelance writing, so I'm working for lower rates in order to get work. Well-regarded Canadian food and drink website. Highly regarded Canadian family travel website. I acquired this client in July BBC Travel have friendly editors and a very thorough fact-checking and sub-editing process.

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Day rate negotiated up from first offer. Easy to work with and very few edits but had to email many times to get a going, after an initial "yes" from the editor.

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It has been an interesting learning experience and wish to move onto bigger things. A disorganized sweatshop if there ever was. Nice editor to work with. I found this person on a marketing forum who said they'd give me a lot of weekly work. Super-nice people. Assignment via pre-existing relationship with editor. Got asked to write an Op-Ed, it got picked up by the senior editors and the head editor. Conference recording.

Dwell also paid for all of my expenses to go to Italy to report the story. Cinematography stories timed to release date in the UK. Went through three edits the last being a minor one to look things over and answer a couple of questions.